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Gift guides

Make life easy for your shoppers during the holidays by helping them choose the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Curate your products into gift guides. Categorize them by relationship (gifts for boyfriends, gifts for spouses, gifts for girlfriends, gifts for...

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Add a lifestyle section

Make an emotional connection with your customers by adding videos or pictures of people enjoying your products, or by including recipe ideas, home decoration ideas, gift-wrapping tips, party planning advice etc. Include innovative elements and photography that compel...

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Encourage to click

Customize your hello bar with a single short message that caters to the goals of holiday shoppers (a limited time discount offer) and a prominent call to action (pick a complementary color) to encourage them to click on...

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Grab attention

When it comes to hello bars, choosing the right color is of high importance to highlight your holiday deal and grab your shoppers’ attention instantly. Consider a higher contrast between your hello bar and the rest of your web...

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Use the Hello Bar

An efficient hard-to-miss nice little banner that contains a single statement and a call to action. Use the hello bar to draw your shoppers' attention to the most important limited-time holiday offer. A narrow stripe that spans across the top of your website Above the...

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Balance out the content

Giving your banner a festive theme shouldn’t clutter it. It should be simple as well. Use the available space in an attractive way. The background image you use should have room to integrate your holiday message without making it difficult to read. When designing your...

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Create urgency

Add a sense of urgency to your visitor’s shopping experience by placing deadlines like “Offer Ends in 3 Days”, “Today Only”, “Order by Thursday”, etc to make them act now rather than never. As the days count down to the last possible moment to place online orders for...

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Include a clear Call to Action

This should be an essential part of your holiday banner. It should prompt users to click on it and clearly let your shoppers know what you want them to do. The best location for the cta is typically the right hand side of the banner (though its not critical). Get...

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Create a curiosity-inducing message

Keep your message short and concise. Don’t fill the banner completely with text. Create a catchy phrase that will attract holiday shoppers. Shoppers expect to get offers during the holidays. So, highlight special offers. It should stand out and be the first thing your...

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Jazz up your banner

Make your banner festive, fun to look at and visually appealing to attract your shoppers’ attention. Choose a background that gets your shoppers in the holiday spirit. Bokeh, glitter, snowflakes, snowy, gingham or vintage backgrounds are some of the more common trends...

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