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Show different payment options

Shoppers might abandon their cart if their preferred payment method is not accepted by you. Offer multiple payment options and show the different payment options that you accept on the cart page as it will increase the chances of your customers continuing with checkout and in turn reduce cart abandonment.

Show different payment options in the cart page

Create urgency

You can reduce cart abandonment by creating urgency. Specify the number of units still available in stock if there are only few left. Or if you offer a deal on the products added to cart and that it ends in a day or two, then shout that out.

Create urgency by specifying stock availability

Create urgency with offers in the cart page

Persuade your shoppers with offers

When on the cart page, you can persuade your shoppers to add more products to the cart by offering something. Say, if you offer free shipping or discount on orders above a certain amount, then you can remind your shoppers of how much more they need to spend to get that offer.

Persuade your shoppers with offers

Allow shoppers to save items for later

If an user feels that they cannot afford the total cost of their order, they might remove a few items from the cart. Provide an option to save or move those products to a wishlist so that they don’t lose track of it. You could also remind them of the products in the wishlist the next time one of them is on the cart page.

Allow shoppers to save items for later

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