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Learn how to list product options on a product page of your eCommerce store. Our design patterns include product variants, out of stock, product quantity, color swatches, size and so on.

Include a size Guide

If your product comes in a variety of sizes, then link to a size guide right above the size option. It is a good way to guide shoppers who are not sure of the size they need. Provide detailed instructions and measuring tips with the size guide and show sizes for many international countries. Open up the size guide in a new tab or in a new browser rather than in the same product page.

Include a size Guide in the product page

Include a size Guide in the product page

Design for product variants

Some products on your store might require shoppers to choose more than one product option such as color, size, material, style etc. Ensure that the combinations that are not available are not selectable. For some of these options you can pre-fill default values with the most popular variant. But, for certain options such as size, don’t use defaults as your shoppers might end up purchasing the wrong size. Leave it blank and prompt the user to enter the correct size.

Design for product variants

Add color swatches

If your product comes in multiple color variants, use color swatches or a drop down list to display each. If you have a default color option, make sure your product images reflect the selected color. Disable variants that are out of stock.

  • Swatches are useful if you want to allow your shoppers to quickly determine if the product is available in a color they like

Product variants in the product page

  • If you are worried about the lack of page consistency that might come up as a result of having color swatches of different sizes, then a drop down list is a good option to have.

Product variants in the product page

Allow shoppers to select quantity

Shoppers might want to get more than one unit of the same product and it can be quite frustrating if they have to repeat the entire process multiple times. If you expect your shoppers to buy more than one item, then provide a text field to specify quantity. This might help in increasing your average order value and reduce cart abandonment. Keep the default option as 1 so you can cut down on one extra click/step for users who want to buy just one unit.

Allow shoppers to select quantity in the product page

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