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Single page checkout

One-page or express checkout: As the name implies, shipping information, delivery information, billing and payment details will all be in one page for easy access and to make the checkout process as quick as possible. Customers need not go back and forth between the...

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Checkout design

Think of how you feel when you have to deal with a cashier in a brick-and-mortar store who takes a lot of time to bill your items or doesn’t know how to process your gift voucher. The more time it takes, the more frustrated you get. You are also far less likely to...

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Use the shopping cart page to increase the cart size and the average order value by recommending personalized products or add-ons or simply sections such as customers who bought this also bought, top sellers or you might like. Test the placement, design, the products...

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Show different payment options

Shoppers might abandon their cart if their preferred payment method is not accepted by you. Offer multiple payment options and show the different payment options that you accept on the cart page as it will increase the chances of your customers continuing with...

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Create urgency

You can reduce cart abandonment by creating urgency. Specify the number of units still available in stock if there are only few left. Or if you offer a deal on the products added to cart and that it ends in a day or two, then shout that...

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Persuade your shoppers with offers

When on the cart page, you can persuade your shoppers to add more products to the cart by offering something. Say, if you offer free shipping or discount on orders above a certain amount, then you can remind your shoppers of how much more they need to spend to get...

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Allow the user to edit cart items

Allow your customer to easily edit the quantity or the product options on the cart page itself without having to navigate to the product page. If inline editing is not allowed, then provide a quick look feature in the cart page so that the users don’t have to navigate...

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Promo code option

If you offer something with a promo code, then allow the user to enter it in the cart page and check the order total with the applied code. Downplay the promo code section and make sure you link it with the promo listings. You can use this section to grow your email...

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Trust and confidence factors

Would a shopper trust you if they don’t know you well? Remind your customers that their information will be safe with you by including security certificates and privacy policy as security concerns would stop them from completing their purchase. Don’t forget to include...

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Checkout button

This is the most important button on the cart page. Highlight it so it attracts attention. Keep meaningful text on the checkout button such as Pay securely now or Proceed to checkout etc instead of using contextual words such as continue. Place the primary CTA above...

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Subtotal and final cost

Before proceeding to checkout let the user know the total order cost. In the total include tax, packaging or shipping costs if any. Don’t hide any cost in the shopping cart. Also, shout out if you offer free shipping and specify the amount that the user has saved by...

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Empty shopping cart design

When the shopping cart is empty, remind your users to add products to cart instead of just saying that it is empty. Provide shopping instructions and a call to action that entices users to do so. You can also include product recommendations or your store’s unique...

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Mini shopping cart

Having a mini shopping cart is definitely not an alternative to the full page cart as decision making will be tedious with just a mini cart. It will help shoppers keep track of how much they spend and what they buy. Provide a link in the mini cart to view the full...

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Full page cart

Users make their final purchase decisions when they are in the cart page. Shoppers add products to cart so that they can review or compare the items they have chosen, check whether the order total meets their budget or whether they qualify for free shipping etc. So,...

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Is the search box easy to use?

After you make your sitesearch easy to find, make it usable. Text in the search box: Keep some meaningful text in the search box and make it disappear on clicking so that the users can enter their search term without any confusion. If shoppers don’t find the desired...

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To improve the shopping experience

You can use pop-ups that are triggered by shopper’s interaction with the site to improve the shopping experience. Say when shoppers use the search field, to make the search more relevant you can provide them the choice to enter the age and gender of their kid if your...

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