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Homepage Pop Up

Know how to design pop-ups that work better for your eCommerce store. If we use contextual pops-ups in right places, they are not annoying and they increase conversion.

To improve the shopping experience

You can use pop-ups that are triggered by shopper’s interaction with the site to improve the shopping experience. Say when shoppers use the search field, to make the search more relevant you can provide them the choice to enter the age and gender of their kid if your store offers kids and baby products or provide the choice to select their size if you run a fashion store.

eCommerce homepage pop-up to improve shopping experience

Promotional pop-up

Use pop-ups to directly notify your visitors of your current promotion. When you offer discounts on excess inventory, use pop-up on your homepage to effectively notify the potential buyers of your current clearance sale. You can also use pop-ups to show personalized offers to visitors based on their demographics, interests, location, behavior, traffic source etc or even combinations of these and create a unique experience for your visitors.

eCommerce homepage promotional pop-up

Pop-up upon arrival

There are some cases where you need to get user input to continue shopping. For example, if you run an international store, an entry pop-up is a good choice to ask the first time visitors to choose the country of their choice to continue shopping. You can also pre-select the country that can be changed. Make sure you remember the chosen country for returning shoppers and allow them to change the country any time.

eCommerce homepage pop-up upon arrival

To get social fans

Social media is one of the most effective marketing mediums. Encourage returning shoppers who visit your store often to become your followers on social media or to invite their friends. While doing so, specify the number of your social followers as it would give you credibility. Also, incentivize social sharing as it would help you reach potential shoppers since your visitor’s social circle potentially has more of your target audience.

Homepage pop-up to get social fans

Email subscription pop-up

Pop-ups are one of the easiest and fastest ways to build your email list. Welcome your new visitors and offer them the right incentive such as a coupon to subscribe as it is a good way to encourage purchases as well. Specify your newsletter frequency and provide a link to the privacy terms. Acknowledge the subscription by sending a welcome email.

Email subscription pop-up

Instead of giving discounts, you could even run a contest for a big ticket item to grow your email list.

Email subscription pop-up

Design pop-ups that work better

Pop-ups can be used to attract a shopper’s attention. When they are designed well they are one of the best ways to grow your email list or to improve your visitors shopping experience, to get social fans, or to promote your best deals etc.

  • Ensure the pop-up is not shown everytime a user lands on the homepage. Show the pop-up once a week or once in 15 to 30 days

  • A pop-up that shows up upon arrival is good to use only when its absolutely necessary to get user’s input in order to continue using the site or to improve the user’s site experience

  • Another thing you could do is to check the average time spent on the homepage and time your pop-up a few seconds before that or show the pop-up after the user scrolls down through say, 75% of the page

  • Let the shoppers know exactly what you are offering. Use a powerful headline, clearly state the benefit and have a prominent call to action

  • Use no more than one or two form fields. Avoid using images if possible or use no more than one simple image

  • Make sure it loads quickly, and make it easy to close. To grab your shopper’s attention, use a lightbox effect (background shading)

  • Show different messages for new and returning visitors

  • Users are likely to ignore the pop-ups as advertisements. So, ensure that any critical content or important information is also available elsewhere, so they can find it later if they want to

  • Don’t show more than one pop-up per visit and don’t forget to test your pop-ups before they go live

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